My Homemade CNC Router Table (part 6)


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homemade cnc router tableI seem to only get any building done on Sunday nights lately.  Have a day job puts a real damper on my Making aspirations, but I try really hard to get something done each week.

This past Sunday, I added the z-axis to my diy CNC router project.  It certainly has that homemade quality to it.

I added smaller drawer slides to the vertical framing of what will be the holding plate for the router (or plasma cutter) that will eventually be fitted to the CNC.

diy cnc router table (1)All of the drawer slides that I’m using to move everything are kind of stiff, and I’m expecting to log in some hours entirely to the task of “tweaking” all of the axes in order to have as frictionless movement as possible.

If there is a lot of backlash and stickiness to the slides, it may severely affect the cuts and ability for the stepper motors to move things effectively.

threaded rod for 3-axis CNC plansI also rough-cut and drilled where the x-axis threaded rod will run along the middle of table top.  I’m finding that I’ll probably need to re-think my placement of the NEMA17 motors considering how they have only shaft-top placement for the mounting screws.

I’ve added a couple videos to my youtube channel.

Here are the two newest videos I’ve added to the channel.  You’ll see how sticky the slides are–especially for the z-axis–I think some of the wood may have warped a little.  I didn’t necessarily adhere to strict precision guidelines in its installation.  In fact, I stuck to my philosophy that “eyeballing” everything is pretty accurate, within feet.

Here is part 6 video of the DIY CNC experiment:

Here is part 7 of my Homemade CNC project:

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DIY CNC Router: Plans for Homemade Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine (Part 5)


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cnc diy router

I got to the next phase of building my homemade CNC router machine.

The other day, I added the gantry, on which the y-axis drawer slides were attached.  These slides will move the router plate which will have a vertically-moving z-axis router (or plasma cutter) attached to it.

homemade cnc machineThe frustrating part about building these kinds of building projects is that I only have sooo much time to do them.

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I am aiming at getting more traffic to this website so I can devote ALL of my time to building fun diy projects, like CNC machine, 3D printers, and do a lot more painting and drawing.

If you have ideas or photos of your own CNC machine, or would like to submit a DIY article to “Make It With Jason,” contact me at the link above!

I will eventually be adding the specific plans for this CNC, but here is my most recent construction progress video:


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How to Build a Hobby CNC Milling Machine (part 4)


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cnc x-axis baseIn this post, I’m showing how I built  the x-axis of my CNC machine based on a sketchup design.


I did some research, and even read a couple books and e-books on the subject.  I decided that this would be the way I want to do it.

I designed it to move back and forth on heavy duty drawer slides, and it will be controlled by NEMA 17 stepper motors.

Make sure to keep everything square when you’re screwing it together.  I’d suggest, when you’re making your CNC, you don’t glue anything–there will probably be many times you’ll need to take it apart to re-do.  I’m expecting this to happen with mine, at least.

cnc x-axis base construction

I had a bit of beautifully-warm sunny weather in late March to begin building my DIY project. Here is the video of the x-axis base of my homemade CNC Machine that I made out of wood:

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DIY CNC Router Plans (part 3)


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diy CNC machineI had a little time to finish my initial design for the 3-axis CNC machine that I plan to build in the coming weeks.

It’s tough sometimes to find the time between work and family life to get some time (and energy) to put into designing and building–or making some art.  This is just a reminder to you (and to me) that we just have to get in there and get it done sometimes.  Don’t overthink it!  Overthinking things is a great crusher of creativity.  There’s a reason why we have different versions of things–i.e, iPhone 3,4, 5, etc.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they still got around to building it.


I’ve attached a quick part 3 design video from Youtube.  It shows the z-axis and the other two axes moving how they are planned to move in the upcoming video tutorials and blog post on how to build your own CNC machine.

If you’d like to see some more of my diy videos and plans to make, visit the channel here.

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