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Raising backyard chickens has been a surprisingly fun thing for our family.

chicken coop main

Sample Photo from Chicken Coop Plans

I wasn’t initially into the urban farming concept, but i have to say that chickens are kind of a funny animal, and their eggs, when fresh, are delicious and can last for weeks un-refrigerated.  Believe it or not!

Now, prior to my original experience, my background with chickens amounted to eating eggs and cooking chicken.  But when my lady, Jess, asked if we could raise three chickens (when we lived in Portland, we were only allowed to have three hens–no roosters!), I rolled my eyes and said, “okay, but you’re taking care of them.”

photo of backyard chicken egg

First egg!

Jess determined that I could contribute by building them a chicken coop.  Being the team player that I am, I started designing a chicken coop that would comfortably fit three hens and be easy to access all areas for cleaning and egg collection.

So, here are my plans for a hen house.

First, I made sure we had somewhat of a budget.  At the time, I didn’t want to spend a ton on something we didn’t even know how to do, so I decided we would spend no more than $200.

Actually, I think we came under the budget by about $40, but I’m not going on record with that.

photo of backyard chickenHere is a video of my chicken coop.  Jess wanted to be able to easily clean the coop and the run without a whole lot of fuss, so I created a pull-out drawer floor for the coop, and we made the run like a giant sandbox/litter box.

I am selling my plans for $8.99.   Click the “buy now” link below if you’re interested.

See the video of what your coop will look like:

Only $8.99 for the plans!

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