DIY CNC Router Plans (part 3)


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diy CNC machineI had a little time to finish my initial design for the 3-axis CNC machine that I plan to build in the coming weeks.

It’s tough sometimes to find the time between work and family life to get some time (and energy) to put into designing and building–or making some art.  This is just a reminder to you (and to me) that we just have to get in there and get it done sometimes.  Don’t overthink it!  Overthinking things is a great crusher of creativity.  There’s a reason why we have different versions of things–i.e, iPhone 3,4, 5, etc.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they still got around to building it.


I’ve attached a quick part 3 design video from Youtube.  It shows the z-axis and the other two axes moving how they are planned to move in the upcoming video tutorials and blog post on how to build your own CNC machine.

If you’d like to see some more of my diy videos and plans to make, visit the channel here.

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