Free Photoshop Effects How-to Video Tutorial

I used to shoot wedding photography, and I needed to create cool black and white effects in Photoshop to give the artistic effect of a black and white picture with some color accents in it.

In this really grainy video below (sorry for the quality–it’s old), I show you how to create that effect in Photoshop, but you could easily use the same techniques in Gimp, too (which is a free photo editing program). You just need to know how to add layers–in a nutshell, you duplicate the layer, change the duplicated upper layer’s saturation to -100, then use the eraser tool to delete the area you want the color from the lower layer to show through.

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Everything I show on this website is meant to HELP and to INSPIRE– It’s all about just TRYING new things and exploring your creativity. Don’t worry about being perfect. We’re all in this art thing together.

Here is the video:

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