How to Build a Cheap DIY CNC Router (part 2)

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This is going to be a long-term blog posting series. I am planning to build a CNC machine for less than $300 that can cut wood, aluminum, maybe steel, foam, and other materials I throw at it.

cnc diy router

Click on image to examine the CNC design.

I’m wanting this to be fun, so I’m not taking it too seriously. Basically, I decided I would just dive HEAD FIRST into this project, and I don’t even care if I’ll ever use it for anything. I am making this JUST TO SEE IF I CAN.

Personally, I think I’m going to pull it off.

I am posting the second stage of my initial design. I did it all in Sketchup, and it is one of the easiest ways to sketch up 3D images to build them. It’s fun to play with, and you don’t need a degree to get going with it.

I added the second axis, the Y-axis, to the machine design.  I’m  wanting the base to be fixed, and the x-axis will move along the base via drawer slides.

The y-axis is also attached to a fixed gantry, and will move along another pair of drawer slides.

I’m planning the z-axis of the CNC router to be fairly lightweight and move vertically while supported by the slides of the y-axis gantry.

I read everything I could about building my own computer numerical controlled milling machine, and this is a hybrid of many of those ideas.

Here is another video I’ve uploaded that shows how both the the X and Y axis are going to move:

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