How to Build a Hobby CNC Milling Machine (part 4)


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cnc x-axis baseIn this post, I’m showing how I built  the x-axis of my CNC machine based on a sketchup design.


I did some research, and even read a couple books and e-books on the subject.  I decided that this would be the way I want to do it.

I designed it to move back and forth on heavy duty drawer slides, and it will be controlled by NEMA 17 stepper motors.

Make sure to keep everything square when you’re screwing it together.  I’d suggest, when you’re making your CNC, you don’t glue anything–there will probably be many times you’ll need to take it apart to re-do.  I’m expecting this to happen with mine, at least.

cnc x-axis base construction

I had a bit of beautifully-warm sunny weather in late March to begin building my DIY project. Here is the video of the x-axis base of my homemade CNC Machine that I made out of wood:

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