How to Build a Teardrop Trailer: Part 3, Painting the Camper


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The Finished Teardrop Trailer

White Teardrop Trailer in Portland, OregonSo, my teardrop is more or less fully built, primed, and painted with white paint (sanded in between three coats), and I can’t shake the thought of airbrushing some images on it, to make it stand out a bit. (Note: the trailer frame is black in this photo through Photoshop means)

When I initially began contemplating making a teardrop trailer, I imagined taking it camping in the various campgrounds and parks here in the Pacific Northwest, and my mind began picturing it with scenes of those famous landmarks and places that define this beautiful area of the country.  So, I finally decided to paint some murals on it.

One, I decided, needed to show a Cascade-type mountain peak, like Mount Hood, and another would feature Multnomah Falls, an icon of Oregon natural beauty.  The final mural showcases our rugged, amazing coasts, and the lighthouses that dot its landscape.

Mount Hood Teardrop Trailer Mural

How to Build Teardrop Trailer First, I decided to try and incorporate the window into this mural by making it the window of a cabin looking over a meadow under the shadow or Mount Hood, Oregon’s tallest mountain peak (and dormant volcano). I started by gathering images of my own photographs and others that fit what I was going for.  The cabin I created from an image I found on Google, and the shot of Mt. Hood was from one I took several years ago.


First Sketch of Mount Hood MuralMount Hood Mural on Teardrop TrailerAirbrushing the mount hood muralTeardrop Trailer with Mount Hood muralMount Hood Mural on Camper TrailerFinished Mount Hood Mural on trailer

The first mural took about two and a half hours to complete, because the weather and issues with my paint kept things from drying very quickly, but it was fun, and it primed me to start the next mural.

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4 thoughts on “How to Build a Teardrop Trailer: Part 3, Painting the Camper

  1. Congratulations for your trailer, it is very beautiful I’m building one myself that I started 2 summers ago and I like to brouse on the net to see what other peoples do with theirs. So did you use a airbrush to go that fast or you paintbrushed i?. What kind of paint did you used? And finally ,well you are a good artist.

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    • Thanks for checking out this site. I used airbrush to paint it. Primed the exterior with white primer paint, then used Createx paint and Passche airbrushes.

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  2. Thanks for your site ,so much fun to create functional art . I build dredges that create shoreline landscapes. You boat build was touching, reminded me of my first plywood boat. Pete

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    • Sorry for the delay in replying, Pete. Thanks for the warm comment!

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