How to Make a Silicone Mask Part 1: Sculpture

Orc Goblin Silicone Mask Sculpture (8)I’ve always wanted to get into mask making.  I loved the movie “FX” and even the two goofball teen effects wizards in the movie “Summer School” were demigods to me.  Then, when the movie “Predator” came out, I fell in love with alien and monster masks.

But I never got into it–just didn’t really have anyone close to me as influences, so I put my interests on the back burner.

Fast forward to a few years ago, when I saw some of the silicone masks coming from CFX and SPFX studios, and my dreams were reignited.

Right now, after watching MANY how-to videos and reading articles about mask making, I began the first part of my journey, sculpting the head of a creature that you might find in movies like “Legend,” or “Lord of the Rings”–an orc / goblin.  My son, an avid WoW lover, wanted me to make my goblin more in keeping with that world–because I think he might want to wear it when it’s done.

So, first off, I got a blank mannequin head armature bust as a base for the sculpt.  Then, with several blocks of plasticine modeling clay (easy to find in craft and art stores), I started sticking clumps of clay onto the bust.  I didn’t draw anything specific, just let the clay shape itself, more or less, to my imagination.

Here is the result:

I’ve also uploaded a short video of the final sculpt to Youtube:

mask sculpture

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