How to Make a Silicone Mask Part 3

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silicone masksOnce I got my mold cleaned out (by removing the sculpture and any remnant clay), I mixed up some Smooth-On Dragon Skin platinum cure silicone rubber (I had the medium cure time) and poured it into the nose and chin areas first, to make sure they got the most silicone.

I added a little bit of pigment for each mask I made.  In the photo above, the middle mask was my first (video), and I didn’t mix it correctly, so it didn’t cure correctly (it is still tacky, several weeks later).  Make sure to follow the directions to the ‘T’ when you work with platinum cure silicones!

My second mask (video), on the right in the photo above, didn’t have enough silicone, but it cured and turned out strong.

The last one–the fleshy colored one–turned out nicely, and you can  see how it works in the following video:

silicone mask video


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