How to Make Theater Props : A Fake Severed Head (Part 2)

Foam Head from Two Part Mold

Foam Head from Two Part Mold

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And, it worked!  The head was a bit smallish, but it looked right, and I cover it with Smooth-On Dragon Skin platinum cure silicone rubber
for a “skin”.  Then painted it with regular acrylic paint.

NOTE: All of this was more or less done trial-and-error style.  Lots of mistakes were made throughout (for example, you never paint acrylics on top of silicon–they just won’t adhere for long–you need to add pigment to silicon and “paint” it on top of the other silicon–this creates an encapsulated bond for the pigment to stay put).  But, you don’t give up when things don’t go your way–the show must go on!

Adding Silicone Skin to Head Severed Heads are Creepy

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