How to Paint a Cat in Acrylics (Part 1 of 2)

While I was visiting Los Angeles in February, I had the opportunity to visit some cool places, and to do some painting on my girlfriend’s parents’ beautiful backyard patio.

how to draw animals

As a way to thank them for their wonderful hospitality, I wanted to paint them a picture of their cat, Buster–who is getting a bit long in the tooth.Buster the Cat Reference Photo for Painting

Luckily, he sat for several photos, but I couldn’t get it quite right, so I “photoshopped” two of them together (with a free photo editing program called ‘Gimp‘), and printed it out to use as a reference photo.  I like to do this when I’m a bit crunched for time, and I can’t get the perfect pose at the perfect spot.

Sketch of cat for painting

Sketch of cat for painting

I woke up early in the morning–well, as early as a late night of drinking Jameson and playing Euchre would permit, and wanted to get it finished before my hosts got back from Pilates, so I had a solid one hour to get it started and finished to surprise them. I’m not saying this is how you should work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to do painting “sprints” occasionally — it forces you to work “fast and loose” with your sketching and painting brush strokes.

Continued in Part 2 =>

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