How to Paint a Pelican Bird in Acrylic (part 2)


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1st wash of pelican bird paintingNext, I added a light, watered-down wash of the acrylic paint. I was trained as a watercolor artist, so I tend to go with washes at first.  You don’t necessarily have to do it this way–just works for setting the stage and giving it some reference color.

Then, I get a bit more color on my brush and start laying up deeper, thicker dabs of paint and paint the ocean first, then work my way to the bird. It’s sort of a process, and sort of saving the best for last.  I keep going, adding more detail as I go, and trying to be careful to “keep it loose”  (keeping it loose is a term for trying to acrylic bird paintingbe painterly about the piece–and not trying to get every molecule exactly how it appears in the photo).

I have a tendency to overwork paintings, so it is a self-regulatory act.  If you find yourself obsessing over your work, you might easel acrylic painting of pelicanconsider reminding yourself “it is a painting, not real life.”

I like to work really fast, and this painting took about an hour.  I like that aspect of acrylics–they dry fast.  Some folks don’t–they like how oils allows them to mix and move it around a really long time.  You can add additives and retardants to acrylics, too, which will give you longer working times.

The painting is finished, and I sit back and take a swig of my delicious, cold cocktail ( I believe it was a greyhound–to play upon the whole grapefruit theme at the beginning).

finished acrylic painting

Want to see how to make some other stuff?

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