I Am A MAN – I Don’t Pinterest!

Okay, that’s not necessarily true.

I do Pinterest. Well, so far, I pinterested twice.  I think.

That just sounds dirty.  “I pinterested***.”

screenshot of pinterest

screenshot of Pinterest

Problem is, I’m not sure, as a diy artsy kind of guy talking about art and making art, and how we need to just “get in there and get our hands dirty,” I’m a bit afraid of Pinterest. More afraid of it than I am of a chainsaw, and I’ve got a great chainsaw-accident story if you haven’t heard it yet.

I don’t understand it (Pinterest).  It seems so focused on photos of pretty dresses and glamorous shoes, I’m not sure where my art comes into play– I guess I’m not even allowed to promote my own stuff there.  That’s why I’m not sure why I should even TRY to use it.

So confused right now.  I know it’s on the “list” of places to market, but it seems so counter-intuitive to self-promotion.

Somebody help. School me on Pinterest and why I should care.

Or, you know, “pinterest” a bunch of my images on this site.  Would that work for you?


***BTW, I know the term is “pin” it.

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One thought on “I Am A MAN – I Don’t Pinterest!

  1. I Pinterest, too, and yes, I’m a woman, but I also have a section with a number of muscle cars… http://pinterest.com/adornmejewelry/want/

    The top part of my page is very pretty. I’m a color person, and right now, aqua and purple rule the page. But as you scroll down, it gets a bit less girly. I do think Pinterest is mostly for women, but I see a number of guys on there, too. I also use it to promote my businesses, so there’s that, too.

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