It’s Important To Have Creative Heroes

I had several painting “GODS” when I was growing up: Maxfield Parrish, Andrew Wyeth, and Bob Ross, but for different reasons.

Parrish painted scenes to me that evoked ideas of inspiration, fantasy, and a general positive vibe.  I wanted to visit those scenes he painted, hear the songs being sung, and speak to the characters.  He created a magical world with each painting, and I loved the vibrant colors, details, and clarity of each illustration.

Wyeth, on the other hand, created a world of mood and texture.  I could ALMOST touch the bark on one of his trees, and smell the smoke drifting from a decaying chimney in one of his harsh, wintry landscapes. I imagined what Christina was thinking, sitting in her field–was she reminiscing, or yelling for help?

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Bob didn’t necessarily make me want to enter his painted worlds, but he made me want to paint.  He made it look attainable.  He showed how little you need to do to represent a tree (“happy” he would say), and he showed, on his face, how joyful it is to be painting.

I think we need those heroes in our lives when we are young, and when we are old.  They empower us, they lead by example, and they show us where we can go.

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