Recipe for Hypertufa

Hypertufa leaf sculpture recipe

smoothed out the hypertufa to form a sculpture of a leaf

2 parts Portland Cement (Don’t get Concrete!) This stuff is really heavy–sold in 90 pound bags here in the United States. It is very inexpensive
3 parts Perlite. These are those lightweight white things you find in a lot of potting soil mixtures. It give the hypertufa a pitted look, kind of acts as a form of gravel, like in concrete, and keeps the weight of the finished product very light.
3 parts Peat Moss. Peta moss is also very lightweight. It is spaghnum and is dug from the earth. It can be broken up to a fine powder and will eventually decay from inside the hypertufa structure, causing voids that help offer great drainage potential for whatever you have planted inside the pot or trough.
Just enough Water. This is the final ingredient to the mix. You will add a small amount of this and gradually mix it all together until it has the consistency of a mud pie or cottage cheese. If you can form a solid ball and it stays exactly the way you form it, you’ve added enough water. Add too much? Your hypertufa might not come out.

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