Making a Hypertufa Planter Box (part 3)

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Demolded the hypertufa planter

Demolded the hypertufa planter

After about 24 hours of sitting in the shade with a plastic bag over it, my little hypertufa trough is ready to be de-molded.  Now, some hypertufa experts will be quick to point out that 24 hours might be the BARE MINIMUM of time before de-molding.  I would also agree, but I’m also REALLY EXCITED to see how it turned out and I’m willing to take the risk of completely destroying it.

Here are some photos of what it looks like right now at this point.  I took an old grill cleaning brush and proceeded to clean up the little notches and tabs left by the box molds.

I also used the scraper part of the tool to dig some gouges into the trough, to give it a weathered, dilapidated look.

I then put the plastic bag back on it and put it back in the shade to cure for another week before anxiously getting it back out to revel in.

I also made a hypertufa calla lily leaf drip tray.

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2 thoughts on “Making a Hypertufa Planter Box (part 3)

  1. Hi Jason, I was looking to make a container for my herbs and found your site. I think I will try it. Question: what was your final outside dimension and how has it held up? I’ve read I may need fibers…Does yours have that green mold patina that I’m looking for, yet? Good step directions–thanks!

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    • Denise, I realize this is really late in reply–the box was just a packaging box, so I don’t really remember the dimensions. The patina can be made on the hypertufa with thinned paint (preferably an oil-based paint), or wood stain. Just wait til the hypertufa has time to sit for a few days before applying. Do it in thin layers until the right depth of color is reached.

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