Race Car Bed: Here is a Jeff Gordon Bed I Built


Here is the finished product. I sent this to a customer down in San Francisco


Here is the first painting step before I airbrushed the details onto this Jeff Gordon

A few years back, I was building beds in my spare time (HA!  what’s spare time?), and I had a customer ask me to build him a race car twin bed for his son, Talon.  He wanted a Jeff Gordon Nascar style bed–the one with the flames on the side, not the rainbow colored style.


Well, here are some of the only remaining photos I could find of it.

I based it off my original Earnhardt Jr. race car design, and just basically changed the paint job.  This one ended up being my favorite of the two.

It assembles in minutes, and I had to charge an extra $200 to ship it!

It weighed closed to 80 pounds and beds are very difficult for a one-man show to sell because of how large and unwieldy they can be.

Jeff Gordon Nascar race car bed

Here is the left side of a theme race car bed based on Jeff Gordon’s Nascar

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