Sell on Etsy and Make Money With Your Artwork, Jewelry, and Crafts

make money with your artNow is a great time for artists and crafters.  We have the internet – an avenue for revenue that wasn’t available to the general public even 20 years ago.  Also, there are e-commerce sites, like Ebay and Etsy to sell our wares (I know there are more, and feel free to add your favorite site in the comments section, or talk about it in the new forum).

Anyway, so, a few years back, I decided to sell a wooden photo album that I made for friends and woodburned an engraving onto it.  I heard a bunch of folks talking about Etsy, but I was more familiar and comfortable with Ebay, so I began selling my crafty little books there – and didn’t get many sales at all.

I was a bit bummed, because I knew these products were pretty alright.  I handmade each one – first starting with some basic woodworking skills, then ending it with a leather “binding” and personalized engraving (which got even more elaborate as the years went by).

So, I took a gulp, and tried Etsy.  Mind you, it was a website that is frequented more by the ladies than the gents, so I felt that I might be a bit out of my league there.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I immediately made some sales, and the social interactions with the potential clientele was fast and easy.   I had a minor qualm, and that was with the 20 cent per product listing fee.  I know, not much, but when you’re just starting out, every two dimes matters.

How to make money on Etsy - Photo Albums

These are some of the Photo Albums I sold on Etsy.

Well, it wasn’t long before I started picking up momentum, and I had a somewhat steady (read,”less fluctuating”) income coming in, but not quite enough to ignore my dayjob.

And, now, I am focusing my time and efforts on this blog and telling all my little secrets, so YOU can make some dough doing what you like to do.  I know that Etsy is great for beaders, jewelry designer, album makers, and all kinds of clothing, hat, and shoe creators.

As for the albums, you will see them prominently on this blog, because I’m gonna show you how to make ’em! Just promise you’ll stay tuned!

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