Storytelling is Important in Animation: “Superman’s Day Off”

I like to draw, and I like to play around with video editing. So, says I, “why not try to tell a story with pictures in some kind of video format?”

Great idea, me, thinks I. So, off I skip to my laptop to create the video you see here.

Unlike my previous animated short (and I mean SHORT), this one required a storyboard and some actual ideas–rather than making a scene.  This needed to have a beginning middle and end, all in under a minute.  I wanted it to be a funny telling of what Superman does when he has a day off–or, if he just doesn’t feel like being a hero every once in awhile.

Oh, and the voice at the end?  I know, not very Superman-ish.  That would be my voice.

Bottom line is,  just MAKE IT! Screw it if you don’t think it’s perfect–that’s for everyone else to decide.  You are just the maker, and all you can do is provide a glimpse of the weird things that happen in your brain.

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