Support Child Artists : My Son’s Caterpillar Drawing

My youngest son, Lucas, loves to draw.  Yesterday, he found a very interesting caterpillar, and named it “Shqumme,” and set out immortalizing it in crayon.


I told him that I would take a photo of it, but I decided that this would be a good time to mention that artists and crafters need moral support and encouragement.  Art is meant to be represent an individual’s own personal perspective,  thoughts and feelings, but it’s also usually, subconsciously meant to be experienced (and judged) by an audience of some kind.

In my opinion, whenever kids produce art or crafts, it is very important to “make a big deal” about it.  Even if it is at its most primitive to you (or, “it sucks,” as some might say).  But, that’s a recipe for soul-crushing disaster.

For example, I remember a friend telling me once of how she had seen her mother throw away a picture she had drawn for her — right in front of her eyes. Whether it was because her mom had accumulated too many pieces of kid art and was cleaning house, I’ll never know.  I just have that crushed girl’s perspective.

My friend never, ever forgot that, and she was never comfortable with her own artistic merits.  Whether it was solely from that experience or not, it definitely contributed to her lack of artist self-esteem.

So, here is my son’s wonderful artwork.  I’m not sure exactly what species this is, but I have my experts, my entomologist friends, the Bug Chicks, to consult. I hope you’ll see that he took the time to look at the detail on the little wiggler’s body, and tried to give us some variety in its food sources. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the things my kids cook up from their creative, imaginative minds.

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2 thoughts on “Support Child Artists : My Son’s Caterpillar Drawing

  1. We, The Bug Chicks, wholeheartedly agree with this statement of supporting artistic merit. Lucas has his “small eyes on.” This means he is quietly observing the smallest creatures in his world and noticing what makes them special and this makes us very happy. The segments and setae (hairs) give us a lot of info on this caterpillar! We’re doing a little research for you.

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