Temporary Tattoos Are Easy with an Airbrush

Airbrushed temporary tattoo 300 abs

Airbrushed Temporary Tattoo


Every year, it is a tradition for me to airbrush temporary tattoos onto friends who come to our 4th of July backyard cookout. It is a lot of work, frankly, but it is sooo much fun, and a great way for me to catch up with people on a total one to one basis.

This year, I made some stencils for some quick and easy tattoos, but I ended up doing quite a few freehand tats.  My favorite–and the hit of the party–was one that made an 11 year old boy look like one of the warriors from the movie 300.

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Later, the same boy asked me to paint a face on his back with some kind of emotion, and the next photo displays what I came up with.  I couldn’t help but laugh every time he came strutting by, shirt off, sporting his temporary abs, and the creepy face on back.

I’ll go more into depth in a follow-up Airbrush Temporary Tattoopost on how to make money airbrushing temporary tattoos.

face tattoo

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