This is my first art blog post!

My name is Jason, and this blog is all about showing you how to draw, paint, sculpt, make theater props, build cool stuff out of wood and metal, step-by-step guides for using tools, art supplies, and other DIY tutorials.

I Like Turtles!

I Like Turtles!

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First, we’re going to blunder our way through a bunch of things–making lots of “happy accidents” (in the words of Bob Ross), but we’re going to learn how to do so many things.

Things are going to change and evolve–just like I will.  Just like you will.  Life is trial-and-error.  Art might as well be, too!

P.S. I like big Hawaiian sea turtles, and I’m a bit weird.

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Jason Sipe is an artist, craftsman and writer. He has spent the last 20 years working in the art and media fields. He now turns to this blog and helping others learn about creating art as his main focus.

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